Bio protection & plants nutrition

Our activities are aimed at the Integration and Implementation of alternative technologies in the field of crop production and soil fertility, excluding the use of chemistry. VSG provides scientific solutions and professional knowledge in the field of plant protection and organic nutrition, restoration of fertility and increasing soil productivity.

Get up to 60% more harvest this season!

Increase the yield and quality of your products with us! The use of our preparations is guaranteed to give an increase in the green mass of the plant, the mass of the roots and the total yield up to 60% already this season.

Guarantee of your profit

Use our protection complexes! Effective suppression of harmful phytopathogens, root and vascular diseases by 90%.

A good reputation and customer confidence are important to us. We pay special attention to the quality of our products. And you can be sure that you are receiving products that have passed the most comprehensive quality and effectiveness control.

High biological activity and concentration of active ingredients, a guarantee of success. Reducing plant diseases, reducing phytopathogens in the soil due to microbiological protection and nutrients of organic fertilizers have the most powerful effect on the yield and quality of your products!

The team of our experts and multidisciplinary specialists will provide full scientific and consulting support at all stages of cooperation.

We are constantly improving our complex solutions through an individual approach to solving the problems of our clients.

The best complete solutions on the market

We offer the most effective microbiological complex solutions for plant protection and organic preparations to restore soil fertility. The use of microbiological protection excludes the adaptation of the phytopathogen to the drug. Plant protection products additionally have the function of a natural plant growth stimulator. During the beneficial symbiosis of the microorganism and the plant, additional nutrients are synthesized in the form most accessible to the plant. Microorganisms in the basis of our preparations are capable of destruction and synthesis of humic substances, we have developed humic fertilizers in a form convenient for feeding bacteria, and therefore plants. To increase the organic carbon in the soil, a special complex of humic fertilizers and mycorrhizal fungi has been created, which accelerate the decomposition of organic matter with a subsequent increase in the carbon content by more than 20%.

Increase in green mass of the plant, and yield


Suppression of harmful phytopathogens and diseases on


Efficiency and results


If your soil is calcareous, If your soil has a high salinity, If your soil has a high pH, If you want your soil to swell, become ...

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The plant has 20 to 40% of the untapped potential that can be recovered using growth regulators. These drugs are presented in abundance on the Russian market, but far from ...

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